Most Christians who hear the word “theology” think of stuffy guys, with cardigans, bow ties, thick glasses, and ivory towers (or ivory cellars). Unfortunately, and I do hate to disappoint, that is not the case. This blog is about bringing the view of theology to the everyday person. Theology simply means the study of God. As Christians, this is what we are supposed to be doing when we read our Bibles. In this blog, you will find the hardest parts of theology redefined for the everyday person, those who did not have time to grab that ivory tower degree, as well as for those who did. It is a place of conversation, prayer, and devotion to God. Here you will learn the Bible, what it meant then, what it means now, and how we can serve our great big God. Plus, you will also find book reviews and commentaries on the different books of the Bible.


My name is Cody and I have been redeemed by Jesus Christ. Bearded theology was chosen, basically because I love God, learning about him, teaching what I have learned, and I also love beards (especially my own). We are the people of God, whether we have beards or not, and because of that, we should know more about Him. Let’s take the time to know God and make Him known.



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